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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many events do you host a day?

    • We only host one private event per day.​  We do not want you or your guests to feel rushed.

  2. How long do we get the space for on the day of our event?

    • You get the space for a total of 12 hours.  This includes your setup and breakdown. 

  3. Do you have a Bridal Suite for us to get ready in?

    • Yes.  Our bridal suite is the largest in the area and has a separate entrance as well as an on suite bathroom. 

  4. Does it have an area for hair and makeup?

    • Yes.  Our bridal suite has an area for hair and makeup and plenty of mirrors.

  5. What time do brides typically arrive to get ready?

    • Brides typically arrive at the bridal suite between 9 am - 10 am.  Earlier times can be arranged for larger bridal parties.

  6. Can we get in earlier to setup?

    • If we do not have an event the day before yours, we encourage the bridal party to bring in all their centerpieces, dresses, tuxes, etc. when they do their rehearsal.

    • If we are booked the day before, we can let you in earlier the day off your event.

  7. Do you have a room for the gentlemen?

    • Yes.  We have a room off of the lower bar area for them to get dressed in and to hang out.  It has a shuffleboard table, a dartboard, 3 tv's, and a custom made 16 person foosball table.  Many guys bring in their own game consoles and hook them up to one of the tv's.  It also has an on suite bathroom.

  8. Are tables included?

    • Yes.  The tables that seat 12 people are 60" wide x 96" long x 29" high​.  The tables that seat 8 are 30" wide x 96" long x 29" high.  The tables that seat 6 are 30" wide x 72" long x 29" high.  The sweetheart table is typically 30' wide x 72" long x 29" high.

    • Keep these dimensions in mind when you talk to your caterer if you want your linens to go to the floor.

  9. Do you provide linens?

  10. Do you provide water and water glasses at the tables?

    • We don't.  Your chosen caterer will provided the glassware.  We have water for them to use for their service.

  11. Do you allow candles?

    • We only allow unity candles to be used during the ceremony.​

  12. Is it true that the gold chivari chairs are included for free?

    • It's True!  The chairs alone are a $10 per person value.

  13. How large is the dance floor?

    • Our dance floor Huge!  It measures 30' x 40' or 1,200 SF​.  

  14. How long is the main aisle?

    • It is 75' from the inside front doors to the front of the altar steps​.

  15. How big is the bar for cocktail hour?  We've been to other weddings and their bars are tiny with long lines.

    • Our custom made lower bar is 96' long and staffed with plenty of bartenders​ to handle the initial rush of your guests. 

  16. Do you use real glassware or plastic at the bar?

    • We use real glassware during cocktail hour and transition over to plastic at the upper bar for the reception. 

    • We do this because most ladies will kick off their shoes and dance barefoot.  It is inevitable that a drink will be dropped on the dance floor and we do not want anyone stepping on a piece of glass. 

  17. Is there any downtime at the bar when our guest come up from cocktail hour?

    • There is a 15 minute pause in the beverage service after cocktail hour concludes.  This is done to insure that your guests are seated while the bridal party is being announced.

    • Don't worry, we always tells guests to get a drink before going upstairs or they can toast with champagne if you choose that option.

  18. Can we hold the ceremony and reception at The Venue?

    • Yes.  When you hold the ceremony and reception in one place, it not only saves you money on a limousine, it's great for your guests because they won't have to travel to a separate reception site and sit in their car waiting for the reception to start. 

    • Instead, they will be enjoying a drink and hors d'oeuvre's while your getting your pictures taken.

  19. Can we hold just the ceremony at The Venue?

    • Yes.  Must be completed before 5pm.  Includes the chavari chairs, the bridal suite and groom's room, and use of upstairs space for photos. Pricing starts at $1,500. 

  20. Do you offer any incentives or discounts if we choose The Venue for our location?

    • ​We do.  To qualify for them you must book your event within 5 days of your showing to be eligible for:. 

      • Our Facebook Challenge, which can save you up to 10% off the facility rental. 

      • A free Signature Drink will be included with your alcohol package.

  21. Do you offer a military discount?

    • Yes.  We offer a 10% military discount on the space.

  22. I’m very interested in booking The Venue for my event, but I need a little more time to make my decision - can you hold it for me?

    • Yes, we offer a complimentary ‘soft’ hold on your date for up to one week after a tour of The Venue.​

  23. Is the rehearsal included, if so, what day and time is it typically held?

    • Yes.  You can do the rehearsal the day before the event if nothing is booked for that day.  If we do have something booked, then we typically schedule them on a Wednesday or Thursday from 6 pm to 7 pm.

  24. Can we reserve a table/tables at the lower bar for a rehearsal dinner? 

    • Yes.  Wedding parties are always given top priority.  

  25. I’m interested in a date that someone else has on hold - what are my options?

    • If you are prepared with a deposit and signed contract, you can formally challenge a first hold.  This means that the first hold client has 48 hours to place a deposit and sign a contract for that date.  If the holding client does not book and place a deposit within those 48 hours, the date is released to you for booking.  Day 1 of the challenge starts on the day in which you are notified and the hours include Saturdays and Sundays.

  26. What is required to formally book The Venue?

    • We require a $1,500 deposit and a signed contract to formally book your date for a wedding package

    • For smaller events, we require payment in full and a signed contract to formally book your event.  

  27. When do I need to report my final guest count?

    • Your estimated guest count is required with your signed contract.  Your confirmed guest count is required 30 days prior to your event date so that your table arrangements can be finalized. 

    • Your final guest count is required 14 days prior to your event date so that your beverage service can be calculated. Should your actual guest count exceed your final guest count, additional staffing and/or rental charges will be billed on the final invoice.​

  28. Can we extend our reception past 5 hours?

    • Yes.  There will be additional charges that will apply from The Venue and most likely your other vendors.​

  29. ​Does the organ work?​

    • Yes.​  It can be used by qualified persons for your event.

  30. ​Do I have to provide my own officiant?​

    • Yes​​.

  31. Do you have a sound system that our DJ or officiant can use to perform their services?

    • No.  Each professional is required to furnish any and all equipment needed to perform their services​.

  32. Can we bring in an outside caterer - what do they need?​

    • Yes.  But they have to be on our approved catering list.  If they are not, we can get them approved by filling out the Food Concession Agreement Packet in the Downloads Section.

    • They would need a Certificate of Authority to Collect Sales Tax and their Department of State Filing.

  33. Do you have a kitchen for our caterer to use?

    • We do not.

  34. Do the caterers have to remove all their garbage generated from their services?

    • Yes​

  35. Can we bring in our own alcohol?

    • No​

  36. Can we bring drinks outside?

    • No​​​

  37. Do we have to choose a beverage package for a wedding reception?

    • Yes​​.  

  38. Can we do a cash bar?

    • Cash bars are only allowed for smaller events, such as birthday parties, at the lower bar area and require a $200 bar setup fee.​

  39. Is event insurance required?

    • Yes​.  Event insurance is required and must be received 30 days prior to your event date.  O’Neill Property Management LLC would need to be listed as an additional insured with a minimum coverage of 1 million dollars.  Your homeowners will typically cover this but another option is

  40. How's the parking?

    • We have 45 paved spots​ on site, plenty of street parking, and 80 municipal parking spots within 800 feet of the front doors.

  41. Do you host baby and bridal showers?

    • Yes.  We typically host showers in the main ballroom on Sundays from 11 am to 2 pm.​  It includes the chivari chairs and tables for up to 100 people. Pricing starts at $750 for up to 75 people. 

  42. Can we bring in our own food for showers?​​

    • You can only bring in your own food and non alcoholic beverages when no alcohol is to be served by The Venue.  We will provide trash cans and trash bags for your use but you are responsible to remove your garbage from the site.

  43. Do I need a day of coordinator?

    • You can if you like, but both owners are here throughout the entire event​ to make sure your day goes smoothly.​​

  44. Where is the best place to display our table seating arrangements?

    • We suggest that the table seating arrangements be displayed in the lower bar area during cocktail hour.  It gives your guests plenty of time to ​find their assigned tables.

  45. Do you accept credit cards?

    • We don't, but we have an ATM on site in the lower bar.

  46. Are you guys really as amazing as your reviews say you are?

    • Yes......yes we are.


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